Members and Partners

Ministry Minister Focal point
Antigua and Barbuda - Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour
Steadroy Benjamin
Eltonia Rojas, Labour Commissioner
Argentina - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Jorge Triaca
Graciela Sosa, Director of International Affairs
Bahamas - Ministry of Labour and National Insurance
Dion Alexander Foulkes
Barbados - Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development
Colin Jordan
Victor Felix, Deputy Chief Labour Officer
Belice - Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development
Hugo Patt
Kerry Belisle, Chief Executive Officer
Bolivia - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare
Héctor Hinojosa Rodríguez
Gabriel Campero Nava, Chief of the International Affairs Division
Brazil - Ministry of Labor
Ronaldo Nogueira
Ney Canani, International Chief Advisor
Raquel Aparecida de Carvalho, International Affairs Advisor
Canada - Ministry of Employment and Social Development
Patricia Hajdu
Pierre Bouchard, Director, Bilateral and Regional Labour Affairs
José-Carlos Bazan, Deputy Director, Bilateral and Regional Labour Affairs
Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Nicolás Monckeberg Díaz
Eliel Hasson Nisis, Chief of Advisers and International Affairs
Colombia - Ministry of Labor
Griselda Janeth Restrepo Gallego
Gloria Gaviria, Chief of the Offices of Cooperation and International Relations
Costa Rica - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Steven Nuñez Rímola
Grace Gamboa, Chief of Labor International Affairs
Ana Lucía Blanco, Labor International Affairs Advisor
Dominica - Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security
Rayburn Blackmoore
Jo-Anne Commodore, Permanent Secretary (Ag)
Dominican Republic - Ministry of Labor
Winston Santos
Indiana Castillo,  Technical Coordinator, Department of Equal Opportunities and Non-discrimination
Ecuador - Ministry of Labor
Raúl Clemente Ledesma Huerta
María Fernanda Núñez, Director of International Relations
El Salvador - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Sandra Guevara
Michelle García, Director of Labor International Relations
Grenada - Ministry of Labour
Peter David
Lima Frederick, Permanent Secretary
Guatemala - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Aura Teleguario Sincal
Luz de Maria Morales, Director of Planning and Cooperation
Guyana - Ministry of Social Protection
Amna Ally
Lorene Baird , Permanent Secretary
Haiti - Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
Stephanie Auguste
Rudy Hérivaux, Director of Labor
Honduras - Secretary of Labor and Social Security
Carlos Madero Erazo
Fanny Aguilar, Director of External Cooperation
Jamaica - Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Shahine Robinson
Andrea Patterson-Morris, Director, Corporate Planning Department
Mexico - Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare
Roberto Campa Cifrián
Emb. Martha Ortiz de Rosas Gómez, Head of the International Affairs Unit
Alejandra Fabiola Medina Carrillo, Deputy Coordinator of Labor Policy,International Affairs Unit
Nicaragua - Ministry of Labor
Alba Luz Torres
Maria Aminta Diaz Meza, Director of International Affairs
Panama - Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development
Luís Ernesto Carles
Rorix Núñez, Director of International Technical Cooperation
Paraguay - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Guillermo Sosa
Laura Díaz, Director-General of Planning and Cooperation
Peru - Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion
Christian Romulo Martin Sanchez Reyes
Rosella Leiblinger Carrasco, Chief of the General Office of Cooperation and International Affairs
St. Kitts and Nevis - Ministry of Nevis Affairs, Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs
Vance Winkworth Amory
Shernel C. James, Senior Labour Officer
St. Lucia - Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour
Stephenson King
Ray Narcisse, Labour Commissioner
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry & Labour.
Saboto Caesar
Racquel Jacobs-Lawrence, Deputy Labour Commissioner
Suriname - Ministry of Labor
Soewarto Moestadja
J. Belfor, Acting Permanent Secretary
Trinidad and Tobago - Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development
Jennifer Baptiste–Primus
Natalie Willis, Permanent Secretary
Cherisse Coward
United States - Department of Labor
Alexander Acosta
Robert Shepard, Director, Office of International Relations
Chantenia Gay, Area Advisor for the Western Hemisphere
Uruguay - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Ernesto Murro
Susan Weissel, International Relations Team
Venezuela - Ministry of the People’s Power for the Social Process of Labor
Francisco Torrealba
Gabriela Aguirre, International Relations Director