Members and Partners

Ministry Minister Focal point
Antigua and Barbuda - Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour
Steadroy Benjamin
Eltonia Rojas, Labour Commissioner
Argentina - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Jorge Triaca
Graciela Sosa, Director of International Affairs
Bahamas - Ministry of Labour and National Insurance
Dion Alexander Foulkes
Barbados - Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development
Esther Byer Suckoo
Victor Felix, Deputy Chief Labour Officer
Belice - Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development
Hugo Patt
Kerry Belisle, Chief Executive Officer
Bolivia - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare
Héctor Hinojosa Rodríguez
Gabriel Campero Nava, Chief of the International Affairs Division
Brazil - Ministry of Labor
Ronaldo Nogueira
Ney Canani, International Chief Advisor
Raquel Aparecida de Carvalho, International Affairs Advisor
Canada - Ministry of Employment and Social Development
Patricia Hajdu
Pierre Bouchard, Director, Bilateral and Regional Labour Affairs
José-Carlos Bazan, Deputy Director, Bilateral and Regional Labour Affairs
Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Alejandra Krauss
Eliel Hasson Nisis, Chief of Advisers and International Affairs
Colombia - Ministry of Labor
Griselda Janeth Restrepo Gallego
Gloria Gaviria, Chief of the Offices of Cooperation and International Relations
Costa Rica - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Alfredo Hasbum Camacho
Grace Gamboa, Chief of Labor International Affairs
Ana Lucía Blanco, Labor International Affairs Advisor
Dominica - Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security
Rayburn Blackmoore
Jo-Anne Commodore, Permanent Secretary (Ag)
Dominican Republic - Ministry of Labor
José Ramón Fadul
Indiana Castillo,  Technical Coordinator, Department of Equal Opportunities and Non-discrimination
Ecuador - Ministry of Labor
Raúl Clemente Ledesma Huerta
Ibsen Someford Hernández Valencia, Director of International Relations
El Salvador - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Sandra Guevara
Michelle García, Director of Labor International Relations
Grenada - Ministry of Labour
Oliver Joseph
Marilyn Austin Cadore, Permanent Secretary
Guatemala - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare
Aura Teleguario Sincal
Luz de Maria Morales, Director of Planning and Cooperation
Guyana - Ministry of Social Protection
Amna Ally
Lorene Baird , Permanent Secretary
Haiti - Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
Stephanie Auguste
Rudy Hérivaux, Director of Labor
Honduras - Secretary of Labor and Social Security
Carlos Madero Erazo
Fanny Aguilar, Director of External Cooperation
Jamaica - Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Shahine Robinson
Andrea Patterson-Morris, Director, Corporate Planning Department
Mexico - Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare
Alfonso Navarrete Prida
Yéssica Calvario, in charge of the International Affairs Unit
Alejandra Fabiola Medina Carrillo, Deputy Coordinator of Labor Policy,International Affairs Unit
Nicaragua - Ministry of Labor
Alba Luz Torres
Maria Aminta Diaz Meza, Director of International Affairs
Panama - Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development
Luís Ernesto Carles
Rorix Núñez, Director of International Technical Cooperation
Paraguay - Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Guillermo Sosa
Laura Díaz, Director-General of Planning and Cooperation
Peru - Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion
Alfonso Grados Carraro
Jesús Adalberto Baldeon Vasquez, Chief of the General Office of Cooperation and International Affairs
St. Kitts and Nevis - Ministry of Nevis Affairs, Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs
Vance Winkworth Amory
Shernel C. James, Senior Labour Officer
St. Lucia - Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour
Stephenson King
Ray Narcisse, Labour Commissioner
St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry & Labour.
Saboto Caesar
Racquel Jacobs-Lawrence, Deputy Labour Commissioner
Suriname - Ministry of Labor
Soewarto Moestadja
J. Belfor, Acting Permanent Secretary
Trinidad and Tobago - Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development
Jennifer Baptiste–Primus
Natalie Willis, Permanent Secretary
Cherisse Coward
United States - Department of Labor
Alexander Acosta
Robert Shepard, Director, Office of International Relations
Chantenia Gay, Area Advisor for the Western Hemisphere
Uruguay - Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Ernesto Murro
Susan Weissel, International Relations Team
Venezuela - Ministry of the People’s Power for the Social Process of Labor
Francisco Torrealba
Gabriela Aguirre, International Relations Director