How it Works


The results of the 17th Call for Bilateral Cooperation are here! Congratulations to the selected Ministries!


Bilateral Cooperation is the most active and dynamic component of the RIAL. It facilitates direct cooperation at the bilateral level, between Ministries of Labor, allowing the exchange of experiences, expert advice, and the analysis of programs and best practices.


Every year the RIAL opens a call for proposals, where it receives cooperation proposals from across the Ministries that they have negotiated through the OAS or amongst themselves. The proposals are evaluated based on the relevance, opportunity it poses, clarity of the objectives, and compromise from all parts.


The selected proposals receive financing from the RIAL to cover travel expenses for on-site visits or expert visits. The difference depends on where the visit is taking place, if in the requesting Ministry or in the provider Ministry.


The cooperation activities that the RIAL finances are given directly and personalized, and their contents are defined based on the needs and interests of the participant Ministries. This makes the activities be totally relevant; this is why RIAL’s bilateral cooperation show very concrete and promissory results. These include the reformulation of internal processes, the inclusion of new management elements, and the development of new programs and products, among others.