Ecuador - Ministry of Labor

Patricio Donoso

Mr. Patricio Donoso took oath as Minister of Labor of Ecuador on May 24, 2021, as a part of the incoming government of President Guillermo Lasso. He holds a degree on architecture from the Central University of Ecuador, and has experience both in the public and private sectors.
In the private sphere, he has worked in executive positions of companies such as Constructora del Pacifico, Inmobiliaria Americana and Canteras Rumipampa. He also has experience directing business confederations, serving as President of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Primera Zona, Executive Director of the foundation of agricultural strategies, and Chariman of the Ecuatorian Business Committee.
In the public service, he has served as a congressman since 2013.

Focal point: 
César Mateus, International Relations Director
Daniel Guayaquil, International Relations Advisor
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