The topic of “Labor” incorporates all actions related to enforcement of labor legislation and to ensuring the effective observance of fundamental principles and rights at work, including the fight against discrimination and the elimination of child and forced labor.  In this context, it also includes actions to address labor conditions, including occupational health and safety, wages, labor informality and non-registered work.


Title Resource Topics
Eradication of Child Labor - Training labor inspectors on child labor Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Child labor, Labor inspection
Technical Cooperation Agreement for Returned Colombians Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Labor migration
13th Call - 2020 Call for Proposal LABOR, Child labor, EMPLOYMENT, Unemployment benefit schemes, LABOR RELATIONS, SOCIAL SECURITY, MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS
Advancing the institutionalization of a gender approach in the Ministries of Labor of the Americas: lessons learned, findings and recommendations from three Participatory Gender Audits Studies LABOR, Fight against discrimination, EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
Application of Legislation on Childhood and Adolescence Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation, Child labor, EMPLOYMENT, Youth employment
Child Labor – Prevention and removal of children in crop and coffee harvest Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Child labor
Control and Supervision of Labor Inspection Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation, Labor inspection