RIAL Forums

Welcome to the Virtual Forum of the Inter-American Network for Labor Administration!


Through this Forum, Ministries of Labor and representatives of workers and employers (COSATE and CEATAL) are able to share their comments on different topics related to the Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML).


The forum is currently CLOSED, but delegations are welcome to explore the comments received to the Draft Declaration and Plan of Action of the XXI IAMCL. The Forum received comments from 20 Ministries of Labor, COSATE  and CEATAL. 


Given the purpose of the forum, access is restricted to Ministries, COSATE and CEATAL. Each delegation has already received a username and password to enter the Forum from the Technical Secretariat. In case you have not received this information, please email us at: trabajo@oas.org


To access the RIAL forum, please click on  LOGIN.