Costa Rica - Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Costa Rica
Marta Esquivel

Appointed by President Rodrigo Chaves, Ms. Marta Esquivel took oath as Minister of Labor of Costa Rica on May 8th 2022.


A lawyer from the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Ms. Esquivel has served as public servant in the Attorney General's office, in the General Directorate of the Public Service, and -more recently- as a labor judge and alternate magistrate in the judicial branch. The Minister has revealed that the three priorities of her administration will be collective bargaining, addressing informality and job creation in coastal provinces. 

RIAL Focal point: 
Marisol Bolaños, Chief (Ag) Labor International Affairs
Ana Lucía Blanco, Labor International Affairs Advisor
RIAL/GENDER Focal Point: 
Yamileth Jimenez Cubillo, Chief, Gender Office
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Edificio Presbítero Benjamín Núñez, Barrio Tournón.