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Eradication of Child Labor - Training labor inspectors on child labor Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Child labor, Labor inspection
Obligatory Labor Conciliation Service (SECLO) Bilateral Cooperation LABOR RELATIONS, Individual and collective conflict resolution
Technical Cooperation Agreement for Returned Colombians Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Labor migration
"Social Dialogue with results: The experience of Castilla y Leon, Spain" Workshops LABOR RELATIONS, Social dialogue
(Developing) Eradication of Child Labor and the Protection of Adolescent Workers Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Child labor
(Developing) Labor inclusion of people with disabilities Bilateral Cooperation EMPLOYMENT, Labor inclusion of vulnerable groups
(Developing) Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor Bilateral Cooperation Child labor
(Developing) Seal Good Practices for the Elimination of Child Labor Bilateral Cooperation Child labor
(Planning) Economic Empowerment of Women through cooperatives Bilateral Cooperation EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
(Planning) Gender-based violence and harassment Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Occupational safety and health, EMPLOYMENT, Gender equity
(Planning) Labor inspection and occupational safety in mining Bilateral Cooperation LABOR, Occupational safety and health, Labor inspection
(Planning) National Qualifications' System Bilateral Cooperation EMPLOYMENT, Professional training and skills certification