Minimum Wage Enforcement

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HondurasCosta Rica
Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
09/06/2016 to 09/08/2016

Officials from the Secretary of Labor and Social Security of Honduras traveled for three days to San Jose, Costa Rica, where they received In-Situ training on Enforcement and Awareness of Labor Legislation, on the specific issue of Compliance with the Minimum Wage Payment.
Honduran officials received legal training from their counterparts in Costa Rica, as well as a broad overview of the process with which Costa Rica determines the minimum wage amount.
Later, they accompanied the Costa Rican officials on a day of the Minimum Wage Campaign, where the officials of the Ministry of Labor of Costa Rica verify, through inspections, that there are no salaries below the mandatory minimum, as well as the compliance with other labor regulations. This phase also included a talk on communication strategies that invite workers to get advice and report if they get paid less than the amount dictated by law.
Officials of the Secretary of Labor also met with the Executive Director of the Foundation for Peace and Democracy FUNPADEM and Dr. Juan Diego Trejo, of the Institute of Economic Research of the University of Costa Rica, who prepared a document with the evaluations of this campaign
As a result, the Honduran team highlighted in its final report that one of the greatest lessons learned is that campaigns like the one that Costa Rica did have a high impact among workers and employers, as well as technical aspects in the issue of determining the minimum wage. .
As for the steps to follow, the Secretary of Labor of Honduras indicated that it would propose the development of a campaign similar to the Costa Rican one in a recent period, for which the support of international organizations will be sought.

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