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09/20/2010 to 09/24/2010

Employment service directors and delegations from the Ministries of Labor of Costa Rica, Panama, and Dominican Republic, the latter funded with IDB resources, made a study visit to Argentina to learn about the employment service decentralization process and the municipal employment offices that are consequently created and strengthened.
The exchange among the four countries and the opportunity for analysis of their different stages of decentralization was noted by participants as a major strength of the cooperation.  They also appreciated the opportunity for comprehensive analysis of Argentina’s Employment Office Network, based on interviews held with the directors of the employment, employment promotion, and professional training offices, among others; working sessions on the Network’s quality management system; the virtual platform; job guidance and job search workshops; and visits to two municipal employment offices.
Following the cooperation, the delegation of Costa Rica indicated that it would seek to adapt the Argentine processes to its own legislative and regulatory framework, to develop planning and supervision mechanisms in the different municipal offices for the optimization of processes, and to define a quality model at the national level for the service in order to ensure that user service parameters reflect efficiency and effectiveness in the service and in the use of existing resources.
For its part, the delegation of Panama indicated these future steps to be taken following the cooperation: the review of documentation received in order to adjust some of the lessons learned, especially with regard to the guidance system utilized in Argentina; the continued planning of coordination meetings with municipalities, universities, and its training institute (INADEH); the promotion and strengthening of training programs for staff of the central employment office and regional employment offices; and the promotion of the creation of a youth employment office.

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