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10/19/2009 to 10/23/2009

The Ministries of Labor of Nicaragua and Paraguay requested the cooperation of the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Brazil on public employment policies with an emphasis on public employment services. Since the objectives of both countries were similar, it was decided to have a joint activity of technical assistance in which 4 officers from the Ministry of Labor of Nicaragua (MITRAB) and 4 officers from the Ministry of Justice and Labor or Paraguay participated. Among the participants, the Deputy Minister of Paraguay and the Directors of Employment of both countries were present.
Inside the offices of the MTE in Brasilia, the delegations were introduced to the programs and responsibilities of the Secretary of Public Employment Policies, head of the areas of professional training and labor policies and youth employment. Furthermore, the delegations were given information on the Labor Market Observatory, the Solidarity-based Economy Secretariat (Secretaria de Economía Solidaria) and the operation of the Fund for the Protection of the Worker (FAT), which, among others, finances the unemployment insurance, the professional training program and the national employment system (SINE) that has grown substantially in recent years.
The delegations also visited a training center of the National Commercial Training Service (SENAC) and a training unit of the Citizen Youth Project in the city of San Gonzalo, located in Rio de Janeiro. This visit gave the delegates the opportunity to interact with the young beneficiaries of these services. In order to complement their panorama of the employment policies in Brazil, and before concluding the visit, the delegates met with trade union representatives in Forza Sindical and with the Regional Office of Labor and Employment in Sao Paulo.
The Nicaraguan delegates highlighted among the main lessons learned and next steps the following: the need to communicate with other government agencies, the improvement and strengthening of the information systems of employment and salaries, and the importance of accurate institutional planning from and with the territories to enable a comprehensive institutional management.   

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