Chile - Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare

Alejandra Krauss

Mrs. Krauss studied Law at the University of Chile, and after obtaining her Degree in 1982 worked at Krauss, Donoso & Cia. on issues of civil rights.


She was the General Director of the Judicial Assistance Corporation of the Metropolitan Region (2007-2010) and Director of the School of Law, at the San Sebastian University (2006-2007). In addition, she has worked as a lawyer for Banco Estado (2002-2010), External adviser of the National Petroleum Company (2002), Advisor to the Assistant Secretary of Social Welfare (2002), Minister for Planning and Cooperation (2000-2002) and member of the General Council of the Chilean Bar Association A.G. (1993-2000).


She was also Councilwoman of Florida in the period 2004-2008 and National Vice-President of the Christian Democratic Party between 2003 and 2005. And since 2016 she holds the position of Minister of Labor and Social Welfare.

Focal point: 
Eliel Hasson Nisis, Chief of Advisers and International Affairs
(+56 2) 27530400 - (+56 2) 27530401
Huérfanos 1273, Santiago