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11/17/2008 to 11/21/2008

The Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) of Ecuador received direct advising from a technical analyst of the Ministry of Labor of Argentina to implement the National Labor Statistics System in Ecuador. During the week, the Argentinean expert presented the experience of its country on labor statistics, addressing particularly the Observatory of Employment and Managerial Dynamics. He also analyzed with the Ecuadorian team the processes that the information and statistics area of the MTE are carrying out today, and he  reviewed with them how labor statistics are managed inside and outside the Ministry. To this end, several meetings were held with different areas from the Ministry and representatives from the National Statistics Institute, the Central Bank and the National Service for Planning and Development (SENPLADES). These meetings were useful to assess how each area of the Ministry is gathering and registering information, and they were also very useful to establish the possible data panels that could integrate the labor statistics system.   
The Ministry of Labor and Employment of Ecuador drew out important lessons from the Argentinean experience that will contribute to guide the design and operation of the System. The main lessons were: 1) they confirmed the importance of having an area/unit within the Ministry that operates the system (serving as node), after knowing about the advances and achievements of the creation of the Under Secretary of Technical Programming and Labor Studies inside the Ministry of Employment and Social Security of Argentina; they also received information on how such unit could operate; 2) they identified the compelling need of achieving a more fluid communication with the areas of the Ministry that manage the information capable of being processed, as well as the need to identify understandable methodologies and standardize the formats of collecting information in the sources; 3) they defined that the system must use , with statistical purposes, the administrative records of the Ministry and other sources, in particular the system must incorporate social security records, tributary (tax) administration and association records, aim that requires the establishment of inter-institutional cooperation agreements.  
At the end of the visit, guidelines for the drafting of a diagnosis report and a short and middle term work plan to create the National Labor Statistics System were produced. The report of the visit establishes that beginning 2009 technicians and consultants that will support the design of the System will be incorporated.   

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