Promotion of a Culture of Compliance through the Web Page

Requesting countryProviding country
Costa RicaChile
Enforcement and awareness of labor legislation
Use of information and communication technologies
11/10/2008 to 11/12/2008

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) of Costa Rica is involved with the electronic government strategy currently being implemented in the country in order to increase the efficiency of the services and formalities that the State offers the public through the use of information technology. In addition, through the White Paper process, the MTSS is committed to strengthening a culture of observance of labor rights, using the resources that can be offered over its web page as well as other mechanisms. As a part of this effort, the MTSS requested cooperation from Chile through the RIAL and was able to send three officials from the IT area on an on-site visit to learn about the electronic government experiences of the Chilean Ministry of Labor and, in particular, its web site. They analyzed guidelines for selecting web page contents, the responsibilities of web-site administrators and content providers, software platforms, and operations guides. The Costa Rican officials were able to corroborate some of the approaches they were using and detect certain risks in light of the difficulties encountered and correct choices made by the Chilean Ministry; this will enable them to continue to improve the design, updating, and services of the MTSS’s web site. 

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