Eradication of Child Labor and the Protection of Adolescent Workers

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Child labor

With the goal of putting an end to child labor in sugarcane production, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Guatemala receive technical assistance from Panama to learn in depth about the challenges and successes of Panama in this area.
General Objective:
Compile and learn from Panama's experience in the prevention and eradication of child labor in sugarcane production in formal mills to strengthen concrete and assertive actions for its prevention and eradication.
Specific Objectives:
• Reproduce the knowledge acquired in order to improve actions and strategies for the comprehensive care of children and adolescents through a network of services that meet the needs of the child-working population.
• Share the knowledge acquired with the General Labor Inspectorate and the Unit for the Protection of Working Adolescents of the Directorate-General for Social Security of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, as well as other government institutions such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Development, among others.
• Analyze and learn from the challenges and successes of the Panamanian experience in the eradication of child labor in the production of sugarcane in the country's formal sugar mills.
The first session of this cooperation activity took place on July 16th, 2021 and the second session was convened for August 23rd, 2021. 
This cooperation activity is undertaken in partnership with the Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labor Initiative of the International Labour Organization 

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