(Developing) Seal Good Practices for the Elimination of Child Labor

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Costa RicaPeru
Child labor

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security of Costa Rica will know the application of Child Labor Free Seal (SELTI) in Peru through bilateral cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion with the purpose of obtaining inputs that strengthen the implementation of the Social Recognition System in the issue of the eradication of child labor.
Specific Objectives:

  • Analyze the stages for the granting of the Seal to the applicant companies (application, evaluation, technical assistance, verification, and granting).
  • Exchange knowledge with the Technical Secretariat of the Evaluation Council of the Child Labor Free Seal on the normative and logistical process for its operation and that of the Evaluation Council.
  • Verify the application of the instruments designed for the registration, monitoring, and granting of the SELTI.
  • Take cognizance of the experience, learning and recommendations of SELTI’s Technical Secretariat of the Evaluation Council
  • Rescue the learnings of the promotion process in the private sector for the implementation of SELTI.
  • Collect the critical points of the implementation of the SELTI from the point of view and experience of legal entities recognized with the SELTI Recognition.
  • Address the aspects related to the evaluation of compliance with guidelines through an external actor (auditors) to the public entity.

The first session of this cooperation activity was convened for August 31, 2021. 

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